The Art Of Healing

 Robert J. Kurczynski, based in Amsterdam. Studied Physiotherapy, and had done researches in the field of Osteopathy.


Robert started his career in 1992 at Amstel hotel. He admired Johann Georg Mezger, a Dutch doctor and masseur considered one of the founders of physical therapy and who became famous for treating important figures, including royalty from all over Europe in the 18 century.

Kurczynski followed Johann G. Mezger’s steps, and he succeeded by having a wide list of patients and treated known figures of the time such as the Prince of Holland, Paul McCartney, Roman Polanski, The son of Sophia Loren, Lenny Kravitz and the opera Diva Alessandra Marc.

Later on, he moved from Amstel hotel and started his own practice at Vondelstraat in the heart of Amsterdam. Soon other figures were part of his list of patients such as Karel Appel and Topmodel Natasha Poly. Recently  he was responsible of taking care of top athletes, such as Patrick van Luijk, Ron Vlaar and Royal Ballet dancer Matthew Golding in London.

Kurczynski Technique 

The human body is an unique creation and shows the perfection of nature. The body can be seen as a “Bio-mechanical machine” that works 24 hours causing stress and pain. One amazing thing about the human body is that it has the power to heal itself,  it only needs to be stimulated at some specific points to lead  to the innate process of healing.

I have been working and studying the human body over 24 years to understand its natural way of healing. As a result, I have developed a peculiar way of detecting with my hands. Using my fingertips I explore around the area in pain, collecting information given by the body and finally get to the cause of the problem. The intensity of treatment depends on the patient’s condition, and pain is due to the secretion of substances related to the body´s own mechanism of healing. The improvement is visible 2-3 days after treatment.

“My job is purely handmade, without the use of medication or surgical procedures”.

Trigger points and healing process

The healing process begins with use of my technique for tracking and pressure of trigger points.

Certain areas of the body can be stimulated to induct the body into the healing process. Through my technique I am able to release  muscle tension and improve the blood flow helping the musculoskeletal system  interact with the rest of the body and begin the innate healing.  This is my part of the job, the body will take over and ultimately  be responsible to heal itself.

The Philosophy of my Work

Every patient’s case is different and this may differ the way the treatment is executed.  My work is not always about following an exact procedure with every patient,  but understanding the body language and taking actions in order to release the pain and provide well-being.

Robert J. Kurczynski.

Vondelstraat 11

1054 GC Amsterdam, April 2014.